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what's in..

19.09.10 | Joana Carreira

Hiiii my dear lovers,
If you're a follower on twitter or facebook, you may noticed that I've been talking about this post and this "what's in" posts. These posts can be requested by you, what you'd like to see about me like "What's in your wallet?" or "What's in your school bag" things like that. What do you think?
Here's my make up bag, a little confused and messy but I kinda need to confess you something, I don't really like to carry around with my expensive and good make up, so the cheapest make up are with me all the time, although things like foundation, bronzer, blush or eye shadow I change everyday in order to what I'm wearing that day, but I don't bring my CHANEL or Lancôme shadows with me, the Cargo blush or the Benefit Cosmetics lipstick. I am really weird and careful with my good make up.

So as you can see, I always bring with me some perfum, concealer, pencil (my favourite one from Elizabeth Arden, yes it's an exception of the expensive make up rule, because I really love the pencil and it have a special meaning to me, my grandmother gave it to me and she's like my idol and I love her so much that I always need to have something of hers, it's like my lucky charm) deodorant, tweezer, gloss, vitamin lipstick, mascara, foundation (of the day), blush (of the day), shadow, mirror, nail polish, tooth brush, tooth paste, foundation brush or sponge, hair brush. And you? Let me know what you carry in your make up bag.

With all my ♥, Jo