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12.10.10 | Joana Carreira

As you know, I've been on Lisbon Fashion Week these last 4 days and I LOVED it. I met wonderful people, bloggers, photographers, designers and press people. Here are the videos of some of my favourite shows, Miguel Vieira, Dino Alves and Alexandra Moura, I also love more shows that I need to show you later. You can see me on the second row, right side (55seconds) of Miguel Vieira show, it's the first video. I loved everyhting abut fashion week, it's exausting 4 days but's amazing.

Miguel Vieira used the most amazing textures and patterns on blazers ever, the male collection is amazing and Dino Alves used pastel colors, and amazing cuts and silhouettes, Alexandra Moura was amazing with patterns and fabrics. Loved it.

Tell me what do you think about the shows..
(Working on the pictures to show you..)

With all my ♥, Jo