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20.10.10 | Joana Carreira

I have so many things to do today and I don't know where to start, college is getting harder and harder, a lot of things to study and work to do, lots of BIG projects coming and I'm so excited about them. I know that outfit posts are what you want to see the most and I'm so glad to know about that and I promise that I'll try to make more. I'm also having a giveaway scheduled for Halloween night, a Halloween drawer post and a Halloween look inspired, what do you think? 

I talked about this bag yesterday night on twitter, and I'm SO obsessed with it that I can't even EXPLAIN how perfect this is. I love the vintage cut, the brown and cream colors together and the "long live vintage" quote. It's all perfect and I'm so obsessed right now that is something CRAZY! It's from Fossil and it's 120€ (165 USD). It's so perfect with some jeans and a simple shirt, gives you another look.

With all my ♥, Jo