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product// Lanvin lipstick for H&M

13.11.10 | Joana Carreira

What did you think about yesterday's post? Is cool isn't it? I loved doing that and I hope I could help some of you with that step by step tutorial. Of course all of you heard and saw the new Lanvin collection, bloggers can't stop talking about this, anyway the collection is gorgeous and totally cute, I'm loving a few pieces and I can't wait to see them on the stores and maybe some pieces on my closet like this, how cute. 
But this post is about the fabulous lipstick by Lanvin for H&M, I think the package is so gorgeous and pink and fabulous! Lanvin gave another look to the H&M store and I'm loving each piece of the collection, and also for those who never heard about Lanvin (I don't know how that's possible, but anyway) gave him that fame that fashion designers need, and it's amazing the campaigns that H&M have been made through the years.
How cute is the lipstick?