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fashion show// Victoria's Secret

14.11.10 | Joana Carreira


Yesterday, while searching for some stuff for today's post, I found the AMAZING pics of the Victoria's Secret NYC 2010 show and I can't stop looking at them, they're ADORABLE and all of the angels are GORGEOUS. As you can see, Katy Perry who sang "Teenage Dream""Hot n' Cold" and "California Gurls"  and Akon were on the show. Well, I can't decide which is my favourite lingerie, but I need to confess that peacock feathers and inspiration is something HUGE and of course the gingham pattern is something to die for, but  anyway I LOVE them all, they're all fabulous and once again Victoria's Secret surprised us with this amazing show, do you doubt? Take a look on the video and don't miss tomorrow's post about some backstage pictures. 

I need to apologize you for the HUGE post, but Victoria's Secret deserve something like this. Ihih.